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Monday, December 24, 2012

Adieu Blogger.

My blog has moved.

It has moved to wordpress. And this post is for people who used to read it. I wish/hope/think there was atleast one.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dear V.

It is difficult to explain how the heart reasons and to explain how one's mind translates it into action.

One simple action of trying to reason the very existence of a pesky friend, and the heights to which I could go to reason why he/she was still sticking around in my friend circle. 

Dear vampire. As your name starts with V too, this new name suits you very well. I think so. The very first instance I was introduced to you, I told you I was not who you thought I was. I have my own rules, my own limitations. Your definition of freedom is what I grew up with. I demand more. My ideas of morality and immorality are not suited to your taste, they shouldn't because they are my rules, the ones that I follow. The ones that I decided to impose on myself. 

My choice of friends have been good, bad, ugly, moronic, and wrong only only once - in your case.
I have no doubts why you were chucked out of Univesity, you have to be good enough to make it through the first set of exams, the viva makes sure that you were not the wrong one. 

Your interpretation of the law of having fun to which I do not subscribe, makes me realize that I took those things for granted as I had grown up enjoying them, they were never alien to me. I was not looking for attention either. I had my attention in things I was doing. I was not seeking help, I rather gave it to people who asked and those who needed it. It was always me and my ideas I never asked you to give any suggestions. It was all the in-between people who thought why are just two normal people hanging out and having too much sane fun.

Thank you fatso for ruining it, or else I would have never known that  was in the company of a very bitter woman, who neither understood nor shared anything common other than a rotten relationship.

Dear fatso, when I see you everyday in the hostel, my blood used to boil, but not anymore. It has become so easy to avoid you, swat away like a fly. Those who dont bother should n't occupy any memory space physical or virtual. 

May you rest in piece forever and ever.

V for vampire,vendetta and V.

Monday, July 30, 2012

I give up.

Dear dost who reads this. I need you to call or message me back. ASAP.

My ego doesn't allow me to take the first step. Would you mind taking that first step?

 I'm in some deep trouble and I need sane advice to sort it out.


Friday, July 27, 2012

The sob story of a proof reader.

What do you do on a rain soaked day ? Sit up and try to act busy? Well I did something that took a little bit of effort and lot of patience. Well, I helped my room mate who thinks in Korean and writes in English to write her Master's thesis. To my worry and to my wonder, she expressed her self in such a way that would send chills down the person who might be appointed to read it and be entrusted with the job of valuing it.
Her opening sentence read- "I hereby say India prefers whites. We korean people meet number of white indians. Indians brainy but prefer job outside".
 Her intention was to write about the process of brain drain and brain gain. But as she was not very comfortable with English she began writing whatever came to her mind. It was also insanely funny to read what she thought of Indians and their preference for white skin, their identity, the notion of nationality and patriotism.
In a last minute attempt to help her finish her work I volunteered to edit, proofread and make sense of the garbled and mangled english that lay typed in front of my eyes. What followed was a very funny conversation; where I tried to look whether anything could be salvaged and if she could scrape through to get passing grades.  
What I had not known was that, she kept writing in bouts, whenever she felt like writing and whenever she thought it was necessary to add volume to what has already been written. So every half an hour I would get a new version of her document marked new,updated, ultra new,final, ultra final, print, and final print. 
One night when my sleep was dropping big huge hints about how I should be sleeping soundly now, I stand up and yell at my meek room mate. I said- "Final now, nothing later." A minute later, I realize that I had just spoken to her in broken english, talk about assimilation and unlearning and learning of new skills.
As of today, I see a gleaming room mate holding her little printed work with the words written on it saying it is her original work. She opens up the acknowledgement page of her thesis to show me the sentence where she says I owe my tanks to my room mate.

I sit up dejected, one pagee where I did not check for errors was her acknowledgement and there lo behold she says - She owes me her tanks. Battle tanks I say. Battle cry!

Amen. Peace.

Monday, July 23, 2012

To walk in or walk out?

Take a step to the land that I yearn to visit,  step back to the land I do not wish to revisit. 

How I wish I could walk back to set some things straight, and to fix up a meeting with a dear one to say that had been left unsaid. These feet tried walking towards a dear one, but alas life never like predetermined ideas.

How I wish the steps that I had taken had led me to where my heart is and has always been. But then these feet are now tired of trying to reach where it was never welcome.

How I wish my steps had led me closer, but the resentment and the hurt refuses to die down. The idea that the truth helps me walk faster and farther away is comforting.

These feet are now tired of trying to make up with your pace, I decide its time to take diversions. I shall walk alone.

P.S - I need no sympathies. Nor do I look forward to any empathy. You need them, I don't.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Turning tables!

The ways in which I take revenge have always been restricted to hurting myself. This time was also not very different. Of the numerous times that I wanted to scream to make myself heard, it had to be so loud enough that I could hear it.

Of times when the happy face hid a lot of faces and turmoil within, this was different. I have never been so distraught. In my entire life I had hardly depended on a person so badly and to be let down by the one so badly wasn't expected.

So being constantly the ever pleasant good soul, who was willing to listen and willing to hear out without even thinking was taking a toll. But this time I decide to take one silly chance to say what should have been said earlier. Its goodbye

This way of signing off is much better than no goodbye at all.

So this is it. And here you go-Time to say goodbye.|Video

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Marriages are made on the wedding sites!!!

I write this post to let people know that I'm not ready to take any of the bullshit that is being shoved my way. Listen up dudes who wish to get married, you may have been "the dude" who attracted the most girls during your hay days, if that was the case and you or the girls were really interested; she might have been in your arms by now. And now you loser after having not gotten that trophy girlfriend cannot impose your ideas of beauty on me.

I'm not a walking and talking cosmetic shop, who endorses different brands of powdery stuff for the two different cheeks. I neither use nor endorse all the products available in market. I understand that it is a source of livelihood for some. I'm an normal person whose skin is not attacked by things that come in small boxes with high prices. I live naturally. And yes which means I do not use stuff which were tested on animals.

I'm educated enough to earn a job myself and I do not intend to live of your earnings or your parents and this is expected from you as well. Which means why the f*$# are you looking forward to a fat dowry and gifts to be showered on you? I do not intend to usurp your belongings, why do you plan to do that to mine? Huh ?

Increasing instances of you trying to tell me that you are looking for a perfect, hour glass figured, intelligent, smart, and intelligent and blah and blahs will force me to tell you that have taken a good look at yourself? Are you free of blemishes? Are you the perfect husband material?

Do not push me to the limits where photoshop will decide your future life and wife!

I think I'm fair and not a fairy. And it I think I'm tall enough to escape wearing heels and think highly of myself and my folks, and I'm educated enough to understand your bullshit. Do you have a problem?